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  Welcome !


    RIDING & READING serves as a public platform for the announcement of the products of my personal research and work. My personal hope is, however, that it lead to opening new contacts for private dialogue.   

� M.Fischbach

    Riding and training can only be solid, I believe, and reading and writing only meaningful, if they are characterized by, and based on, the right idea and form of learning and teaching: If undertaken with concentration, calm, and with "intimate" involvement, riding and reading will be productive. These criteria shall also be my guidelines for the "tone" of RIDING & READING.

    Despite the now (finally!) more or less "under-way" work of updating the website, most of the material is still under construction. Some (and it is to be hoped: soon more and more) of the links will already inform you about  my texts and translations, both already and soon to be published, my teaching work and clinics, my equestrian activities,  etc.


    I am looking forward to hearing from you personally and I thank you for your kind interest!

~ Christian Kristen von Stetten


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