just don't seem to "cut the mustard", unfortunately!!

It has been 5 months since I last had the time to do some minor updates on the website. Work on the newest publication, due by end of September, has kept me (euphemism of the day!) busy.

Today, only the announcement of "Schulpferd und Gebrauchspferd", the new collection of texts by Faverot de Kerbrech, Rul and Boisgilbert has been inserted.

More to come, so I hope, in the next few weeks!
Thank you for your leniency and patience.

early September 2010




More than eight months ago I announced (and promised myself) that the website would "soon be updated" ... and I have not visited it myself in all this time ... the year 2009 has been very busy.

To those of you who have been patient, my sincere apologies ... to you, and all those visiting for the first time, please be assured that I shall, from now on, try my very best to complete the pages and to then keep them updated regularly.

It is a harrowing task, I admit. Because I have chosen to "speak", using those languages which I know sufficiently well, to virtual interlocutors of different mother tongues and given that I initially write the pages, on the whim of the day, in different languages, it is a considerable effort to then translate them (and that often means: to write altogether rather different texts). [I ask for understanding for having taken out - for the time being! - the Portuguese pages ... as soon as English, French, and German will be finished,  I shall reinstate the Portuguese section]
Yes, a harrowing task, but it's underway as of today!

Thank you for your kind understanding and your continued support.

mid March 2010